The Town of Cedar Point Past, Present & Future

In 1713, King George III issued a land grant of 2080 acres located in Western Carteret County known as Cedar Point to Thomas Lee of Virginia. In 1765, 1040 acres of the land grant were deeded to William Hill, of Carteret County. In 1788, William Borden of Carteret County acquired the remaining 1040 acres.

George Noble Ennett of New River married Lucretia Borden, daughter of William Borden, V, and settled on the Borden estate in the late 1800’s. The Ennett family owned much of the eastern half of Cedar Point for over 100 years.   The western half of Cedar Point passed through four generations of Hills family. The famous Octagon House, built by Edward Hill, is located in this area. It was finished in 1859 on the Hill Plantation. Built by shipwrights, It has proven its durability surviving the test of time.

Through the years, Cedar Point has remained a peaceful little town nestled in the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Within our vibrant community you will find impeccable views of Bogue Sound, the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, and the White Oak River.

The economic ways of life have historically remained small commercial operations, agricultural production, and marine fisheries. Today, you will find that same character to which we intend on preserving to the best of our ability.

Town Hall: (252)393-7898 | 427 Sherwood Ave, Cedar Point, NC 28584 |