Boathouse Creek Walking Trails in Cedar Point is a 56-acre waterfront park designed to preserve our Town’s natural beauty, protect 18 acres of coastal wetlands, and help protect the shorelines of the White Oak River and Boathouse Creek in order to maintain coastal water quality and habitats. The Park provides recreational opportunities (hiking/walking, kayaking and fishing) for the Town’s residents and visitors. With more than 3,500 feet of shoreline, it also provides exceptional view of these coastal waterways.

The Park’s name is derived from the ferry boat that was once there to transport people and animals across the White Oak River to the Swansboro side. There was at one time a boathouse on the creek leading into the river in which the ferries were kept.  

The land was originally granted by King George III of England to Thomas Lee in 1713. It was once a Native American campground, but later became a plantation, with a sawmill and salt works. Since that time the property has remained in its natural state and has experienced a resurgence of wildlife such as fox squirrel, deer, turkey and a wide variety of birds. It provides excellent opportunities to observe and photograph many of the plant and animal species native to Cedar Point.

With broad public support, the Town of Cedar Point purchased the property in April 2019.


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