Board of Adjustment

Meetings of the Board of Adjustment are held on an as needed basis.  The Board of Adjustment is currently comprised of the Town Board of Commissioners, with two alternate spots available for citizens who wish to apply.  To apply for an alternate position on the Board of Adjustment, please click here: APPOINTED BOARD MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board and the evidentiary hearings over which they preside are much like a court hearing.  State law sets specific procedures and rules concerning how this board must make its decision.  These rules are different from other types of land use decisions like rezoning cases.

Agenda items intended for this board must be submitted 30 days prior for consideration. 

For further information, please contact Town Hall. 


Town Hall: (252)393-7898 | 427 Sherwood Ave, Cedar Point, NC 28584 |