Commissioner Frankie Winberry

Commissioner Frankie Winberry
Commissioner Frankie Winberry

Frankie Winberry was born 1977 at Carteret General Hospital in Morehead City, North Carolina. He grew up as an only child in Cedar Point to father and mother John and Katie Winberry. He attended Pitt Community College and East Carolina University; where he studied industrial construction technology and construction management. Frankie is currently employed by the Federal Government’s Department of Defense where he is an engineer technician for MCB Camp Lejeune’s Public Works Operation Branch. Frankie and his wife Renee currently reside at Winberry Farms located in the heart of Cedar Point.

Prior to his election to the Town Commission, Frankie was a member of the Town’s Planning Board for four years.  As a Town Commissioner he intends to make correct decisions that keep the town family oriented for our future generations to enjoy and grow up in just like he did as a child and an adult for the past 39 years. Frankie is committed to help strengthen and maintain the Town’s traditional neighborhoods and business districts.

Frankie and wife Renee enjoy life at its fullest in Cedar Point, where they enjoy boating and fishing in Bogue Sound, hunting, cooking, golfing, and country music. Frankie spends his spare time as a musician and lead singer for a successful local country music band.


Contact Information:

Frankie Winberry
1010 Cedar Point Blvd.
Cedar Point, NC 28584
Home Phone: (252) 503-3602
Work Phone: (910) 451-3579

Town Hall: (252)393-7898 | 427 Sherwood Ave, Cedar Point, NC 28584 |